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Welcome back after the long weekend families!

This morning the children were very happy to be back to kindy, Leon and Cohen

climbed the frog a few times today, they also climbed the obstacle circuit, they like to go over the wall and also to sit down on it. Leon and Millie started to move side to side singing “row your boat”, falling down to the floor and having a great time. Cali walked around the yard and also tried to climbed the walls we had set up on the obstacle circuit. Amelia and Hannah joined Arabella in the home corner, they were playing with the babies and bringing the babies to Miss Marina to put a nappy on. Hugo sat on a bike and ran around the yard, he also climbed the frog and played a bit in the home corner. After a play Hugo, Amelia, Hannah and Millie went to gymnastics. The rest went inside for morning tea.

After morning tea we sat down for group time, all of them went to the mat and sat down, we add today the 5 little speckle frogs and Galum the frog as today we are focusing one of our activities in Leon’s interest on frogs. We showed them how a frog looks like in photo and also some videos. They loved it. We practice the colour green as well and we moved to activity time.

Today we did 2 different activities to develop our babies fine motor skills: green speckle frogs.

  • Indoor: we did the little frogs with little speckles for them to use the glue stick and their little fingers to glue the speckles on the frog.
  • Outdoor: big frogs and stickers. This activity was about using the fingers to peel off the sticker and place it on the circles marked on top of the frog. This activity promotes the hand/eye coordination and develops their fine motor skill by practicing on and on the same movement.

Leon, Amelia, Hannah, Millie and Cohen loved the sticker activity, Cali and Arabella enjoyed using the glue stick to spread the speckles on the frog.


Hope you enjoy reading the program, see you all tomorrow.


Miss Marina & Miss Ione