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This morning they enjoyed playing in babies 1 room, Arabella, Leon and Millie explored around the room playing with blocks, in the home corner and also with the shakers. After we went outdoors to climb the obstacle circuit, Leon, Hanna, Amelia, Cali and Hugo went up and down the ramp using the balls to throw them down. Millie sat on a bike and went around the obstacle circuit observing her peers having fun.  We went inside to change our nappy and have some morning tea.

Miss  Valery read a book that Cali brought to kindy, it had sounds and lots of colours, the children really enjoyed listening to the sound of it and watching the different pages. We also sang some songs:

-the wheels on the bus


-twinkle twinkle

Sensory activity: food and hand fish and whales painting. Arabella, Hannah, Amelia, Millie, and Leon create their own personalize whale and fish using their hands and foot to stamp on the paper. Arabella felt a funny sensation when she was getting her hands painted, Amelia loved getting her hands and feet painted with the brush, Hannah also enjoyed it so much. Leon looked at Miss Valery painting his hand very focused, probably enjoying the feeling of the paint on his skin.

Over all its been a beautiful day.

Miss Marina & Miss Valery