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Today has been a busy day in the babies 2 room. We welcomed our new friend Veronica (Ronni) into the room. All of our friends enjoyed playing with her and giving her cuddles. Being Ronni’s first day we spent lots of time giving her extra special cuddles and playing games with her in small groups with the other babies to make her feel welcome. We also spent lots of time giving our other babies cuddles and lots of attention as they welcome their new friend into the room.

Our morning was spent mostly outside playing on the slides and in the sandpit. We played peek a boo in the tent and dressed up in animal costumes. Penny, Olivia, Audrey, Elle and Emilia all enjoyed taking part in this and they made great animal sounds. Indigo and Ronni spent most of their time sitting together playing with beading frames, blocks, instruments and the toy cars. Jaxon was go go go and spent his time going up and down the slide, digging in the garden and running around pushing Blue in the toy pram.

Later in the morning we ventured in for group time. We sang songs, read stories, played with the animal puppets, counted on our fingers and talked about our names. After this we had lunch and went down for a nap. After nap time we played play dough at the table, danced to Wiggles radio and played in the sandpit. What a very busy and very fun day it has been today.

Thanks for a great day babies 🙂

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey


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