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Good afternoon families. Today we have been very busy making Butterfly Paintings to go up on the wall and playing tickling games together. At group time everyone took a turn at lying in Miss Hayley’s lap and giggled as they got attacked by the tickle monster! This mornings inside play was very busy as we played with some of our favorite toys. Elle particularly enjoyed playing with the giant lego blocks, whilst Indigo was happily playing the xylophone. Penny enjoyed climbing in and out of the bouncer and laughing every time she would jump up and down. Miss Kylie then came into our room with a cardboard box and we all took turns sitting in it and getting pushed around, almost like we were driving our very own car. Playing with the paint was the highlight of our day, we each got a paper plate and we got to paint it however we pleased! Olivia and Jaxon enjoyed using their fingers, whereas Emilia and Audrey preferred using a paintbrush. We all used different colours and sometimes our colours mixed to make completely new colours.

In the afternoon we enjoyed some outdoor play in our new undercover area. Jaxon was straight into the sand, Emilia and Elle went down the slide one by one and took turns going up the stairs. Penny and Audrey were trying on everyone’s bags and walking around the yard saying “bye” and “see ya”. After they said goodbye to their friends they walked into the cubby house and hid, then came back out and said “Hi”. Olivia spent her time outside walking between the equipment and standing in one place with a big smile on her face. Indigo spent sometime on the mat reading books and chewing on her teething crab then she went into the jumperoo, she bounced up and down with a big smile on her face.

See our giggly photos below, some of us were asleep and had tickles later in the day but most of us got photos.

See you tomorrow.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey

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