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Hello babies 2 families!

Welcome to another fun day at kindy, during the morning the children started playing outdoors, the obstacle circuit was set up in a different way where they have to climb up and crawl to the middle section where they could find the wooden steps, they really liked it, Cohen, Hugo, Leon and even Cali were walking and crawling around the foam blocks and stepping up and down the little wooden steps. Cali crawl up and down! She also stand a few times during the morning holding herself into a char or the drink trolley, she will be running around the yard soon! Millie and Cohen sat down in the quiet corner to read some books, they also shared an abacus and sat down to cuddle each other, so cute to watch them hugging each other😊

We changed our nappies and we went inside to eat morning tea.

After having food we all sat down in the mat to sing some songs, we sang the usual and during the morning tea Cali, Millie, Leon and Cohen said hello to Miss Marina and Miss Andressa! We are so proud of them as it’s the first time that all of them respond to the Hello song during group time 😊 well done babies!

We finished with the rainbow song as we are learning about colours and this week colour is Green, we showed them the flash cards with all the colours and also a little fruit or veggie from our home corner, so Leon got yellow for lemon, Cohen got red for strawberry, Cali got green for broccoli and Millie got orange for orange fruit. Then we moved to the activities we’ve prepared for today.During activity time we sat them on the highchairs and made this sensory activity more of an individual experience in order to promote hygiene practices so the children don’t share playdough with each other:

-Green playdough and self help skills: they had the chance to explore using knife and fork to explore the texture of the playdough, to role play and investigate using their hands to manipulate the playdough as they like. This activity promotes the development pf their fine motor skills, Millie and Cohen did a great job using the knife to cut the playdough into small pieces, Cali observed their friends and starting copying using the fork, then she realised was the knife what she needed to use so she tried to cut the playdough with the knife. Leon poke the playdough with the fork, he liked to see the little holes he made into the dough, they spent a long time roleplaying and cutting and poking.

– Green feet: today we painted their feet to make green thongs, as a sensory activity the children get very relaxed when we paint their feet and they love to observe the stamp on the paper, we practice the colour green and then we move to the table to let them use their hands to create art as a self expression activity.

-Self expression art: using the colour green and their hands the children explore the feeling of the paint also in their hands to create a piece of art that will be hang on the wall. Leon didn’t feel like painting so he went to the home corner and explore the new toys we got last week 😊 Cohen and Millie started using one finger and doing dots but after they end up using all the hand and also stamping their hand in the paper. Cali enjoyed the self expression art, she was very gentle and tidy using her fingers and hands.

After all the activities we went outside for a run before lunch time.

Overall we had a really fun day at kindy.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.

Miss Andressa & Miss Marina