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Today in the babies room we have been having lots of adventures. Miss Stacey set up obstacles all around the room for the babies to explore. We set up some soft cushions which we all had fun climbing over, we all took turns at crawling through the tunnel. Jaxon liked laughing at himself in the mirror when it was his turn to crawl through! Joseph’s favourite activity was bouncing the blue ball, and at one point we even took turns kicking the ball. After morning tea we decided to have some indoor/outdoor play. Elle decided she wanted to play with some different toys, so we opened up our big toy box, and she chose some different coloured blocks to play with. When we went outside we all got given our brand new bright green Benowa hats, which we look awesome in! We spent some time in the sandpit and playing with the water, even Jaxon’s favourite toy got to go for a swim! Penny and Lennox loved it when Miss Hayley was blowing bubbles, they would laugh and try to catch them before they popped! After lunch, we combined with babies one for some more outdoor play. Olivia loved sitting and playing with her younger friends, whilst Jude and Lennox played with the big trucks in the sandpit! To finish off our wonderful day we sat at the table and did some drawing and listened to some music which we all enjoyed clapping and dancing along too! We’ve had such a great day in Babies 2!

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