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Hello families,

Today our babies were so happy playing outside in the morning, Cohen was very affectionate today giving hugs and cuddles to Hugo, Mia and Cali. Belle was happily climbing the obstacle circuit and going to the slide with Cohen, sharing and waiting for turns. Mia and Cali had a play in the babies mat, Belle joined them to rock the babies in the cot. Cali also explored on her own the quiet & book corner and went to the other side of the yard where the cubby house is, initiating and joining into other peer’s play, well done Cali! Leon, Cohen and Hugo did some bike races around the obstacle circuit and they were all very amazed by little Mana, a doggy that was in the back of the car looking at them playing. They pointed at the doggy and made loud noises, smiling art each other out of excitement 😊

Today for group time we had a lot of friends joining us. We started with the Hello song, followed by the aboriginal acknowledgment and the favourite songs of our little ones. We sang galum the green frog and the rainbow song and we also went through the flash cards again. After each song Cohen and Leon were saying : more, more! And doing the more gesture of sign language, Cali started copying saying: more, more… and smiling. Isaac did the same clapping hands and Cali started clapping as well. Hugo followed a few songs with gestures very well, observing very focused Miss Marina’s hands and copying some of her movements. They really enjoyed this time all together.

Then we moved to activity time.During activity time we sat at the table to do art with natural resources, we had green leaves from the trees outside to do some craft, we showed them how there were different sizes of leaves and also different shades of green colour, they used these natural resources to create some beautiful pieces of art.

  • Collage green leaves: using pva glue and little leaves Cohen and Leon were able to get the leaves by themselves from the basket and stick them into the paper. Mia, Cali and Isaac needed a bit more assistance to select the leaves and to put them in the paper, Isaac lost interest really quick and moved to the home corner to play in the kitchen.
  • Painting using leave brunches as a brush, Miss Marina showed them how we were going to use green paint to colour our paper by holding the branch from the end, dipping in into the paint and gently moving the branches up and down the paper drawing beautiful lines and shapes with the different leaves we selected.
  • Art 4 clover leaf for Irish Day, because our beloved Bronagh and Connor in babies 1 have Irish background we are celebrating also this cultural day by doing art using our hands to stamp a 4 leaf clover, Cohen, Leon and Cali had a turn on this one, and Mia and Isaac had a turn with Miss Andressa getting their feet painted in green as well to do the thongs.
  • Outdoor run: they were looking outside after all the activities and Cohen and Leon asked to go out so we all went to the yard to do a run before lunch time.


We had an amazing day in babies 2

Hope to see you all tomorrow.

Miss Andressa & Miss Marina