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Today we have spent lots of time playing and learning outside. We spent most of our morning in the sandpit around the side. Penny enjoyed collecting all the buckets on her arms while Elle and Jaxon spent their time digging with and driving around the trucks. Jude and Natalia liked filling up their buckets with the shovel and then tipping the sand into a big pile while Olivia and Emilia spent their time cooking the sand on the BBQ. As a fun learning activity we practiced counting the buckets and also talked about their colours. Soon after this Elle, Emilia and Jude began taking turns on the slide. They took turns willingly and were quite patient with one another. Each time they reach the bottom they laughed as they went down so fast. We then had a talk about fast and slow. Emilia and Jude enjoyed going really fast, then Elle tried to go slowly with Miss Hayley’s help but then ended up going fast as well

For group time today we read a book about words, counted with our fingers, made rhythmic beats on our bodies, talked about our names, said hello and bye bye then sang:
• Open shut them
• Twinkle twinkle
• If your happy and you know it.                          
• Old Macdonalds Farm
• Heads shoulders knees and toes.

Thank you for a lovely day babies. Great sharing and taking turns 🙂

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey

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