September 11, 2019 Babies 2 No Comments

Good Evening Families, 

It’s been a little chilly these last few days so we made sure we have been extra rugged up throughout the day. 

We enjoyed another morning outside exploring all the activities our wonderful educators set up for us. This morning we enjoyed climbing on the soft caterpillars, racing each other through the tunnel and bouncing on the green dragons. 

We were all super hungry this morning, so when Miss Stacey started at 9am we came inside and prepared ourselves for morning tea. Today we enjoyed some delicious berry jelly mixed with fruit. It was delicious! 

After morning tea we got straight into activity time and today we finally completed our wonderful 3D rainbow. The children have been working on this masterpiece for the past two weeks and they are very proud to display it after all this time! 

Throughout the rest of the day the children enjoyed some free play and interactions with their educators, here are some highlights…

Isla loved playing with the Jack in the Box. She would laugh and clap her hands every time the little teddy would jump out and say peek a boo. 

Ella, Adam and Mack enjoyed a small group reading experience with Miss Sana, their favourite book today was, ‘Where is the Green Sheep.’ 

Emilia also loved reading today, her favourite book was ‘Maisy.’ 

Onyx was a cheeky girl who loved making lots of noise, she enjoyed taking the toy bus and pushing it across the table and watched as it rolled off the table making a loud ‘BANG.’ 

Levi like engaging in the free expression drawing activity at the table. He used pencils in both hands to scribble all over his page. 

Alby loved to help today. He took some paper towel and wipes and enjoyed wiping the floors and the windows. Thank you for your help Alby Boy! 

Thank you for another fabulous day babies! Just a reminder that our lovely Miss Sana will be away from Friday to next Wednesday. Don’t forget to wish her a big Happy Birthday tomorrow and good luck as she is getting her wisdom teeth removed. The wonderful Miss Jacky will be joining us over this period and we are all very excited! 

Have a lovely evening. 

Lots of Love, 

Miss Stacey and Miss Sana xx 

P.s. Apologies for no Oasis or lack of photos today, our internet has been day all day. 

Written by elcbabies3