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Today in babies 2 we had a great day utilizing the indoor and outdoor environment for fun play activities. Joseph had a great time collecting pine cones from the nature corner and then washing them in the bubbler. This week Penny has enjoyed listening to the wiggles, so while we were outside we put some wiggles music on which she loved dancing and singing to, especially rockabye bear! The slide was given lots of attention by Jude and Emily where they each took turns climbing up it and then sliding down, they both did this several times over and were having a blast together. Because it was such a nice day outside we decided to extend the outdoor play time and make some slime ! Everyone had a great time standing around the tub putting there hands into the slime, pulling it apart and smooshing it around to see how it felt and what would happen. Joseph loved it so much that he tried to climb into the tub and take a bath in it. After all the babies had covered themselves in slime we went inside for group time. Everyone sat down on the mat to play with the babies which were Natalia’s interest today. Miss Hayley spoke to everyone about the toy baby and its feelings and showed everyone how to hold a baby and be gentle, the babies each took turns and practiced being gentle which everyone enjoyed doing. Together we then all sang songs as a group and practiced some important words like stop, thank you and please. Elle and Penny were particularly interested in singing and clapped along. The babies then had a delicious lunch of mashed potato and stew which everyone loved and ate plenty of. Joseph was especially a fan of the stew !  All the babies then had a nice relaxing sleep to get ready for lots of fun afternoon activities.

Jackson has been loving cars lately so miss Stacey set up a cool ramp on the wooden floor so that he could race cars up and down it and watch how far they would roll. The babies then enjoyed some scrummy bananarama bites and fruit for afternoon tea and enjoyed lots of free play for the rest of the day. Thanks for a fabulous day babies!

From Miss Hayley, Miss Stacey and Miss Amy 🙂



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