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Hello families!

Today we had an indoor & outdoor morning, all the babies were enjoying babies 2 room and the yard, they chose to be inside or outside whenever they feel like, Cali and Mia played in the sensory board inside, Cali also used the walkers to walk around the yard. Quinn and Leon were counting 1,2,3 and jumping from the foam blocks, then going up the steps up and down, Quinn said: up! Up! And then jumped down on the last step. Leon also used the bikes to race around the yard. Isaac its been walking around the yard very happy, smiling and showing off his walking skills😊 Belle and Mia read some books with Miss Marina and also played in the home corner, cooking in the kitchen and using all the pans and pots. Mia likes to hit the metal pan with the spoon and laugh out loud at the noise she was making.The group time today was very calm, children like to sit down in the calm area, sitting in the cushions and looking at Miss Marina, Quinn and Leon were participating very actively today, using lots of words and sign language, they all use “more more” even Belle started to do it today, she smiled after each song and used her hands to ask for more songs 😊 well done Belle! Cali is also doing the sign language and saying “more more”. Isaac loves clapping at the end of the song and he is using his hands to mimic the nursery songs gestures. Then

we talked about nature, trees, leaves, green colour and  yellow flowers, Quinn said : flower, flower! And then we moved to our nature based activities as this week is Nature Week.

We did 2 activities today with all the babies:


  • Nature elements collage: today we had a basket with yellow flowers, leaves and wooden sticks, they used this elements to do a group collage that will be used as a sensory wallpaper. Quinn, Cohen, Leon and Cali enjoyed looking in the basket for different leaves and sticks, they also picked up the flowers, Isaac had a sneak peak but wasn’t interested at the beginning, after a while observing his friends work he came closer and sat down on the floor to participate.
  • Heuristic playdough: we used the same nature elements and added sand as well, the babies could use the leaves to stamp on the green playdough and see the shapes of the leaves, sticks and flowers, Cohen sticked the elements on top of the playdough and showing to Miss Ione very proudly what he just made. Cali and Isaac poke the playdough with the sticks. Quinn used the leaves as stamps, then touched the playdough to feel it saying: “leave!” and showing the educators. They also enjoyed using the sando to mix it with the playdough, they spread it around and squeezed it together spending a fair amount of time sitting and exploring their senses using natural materials.
  • Outdoor play: Isaac and Cali have been using the walkers to move around but also letting them go and stepping on their own, following other children to play and engaging in. Cohen and Quinn went straight to the home corner and kitchen bench, they play together really well, sharing and having their own conversations. Leon sat down in the quiet
  • area to build towers with the wooden blocks. They had a very relaxed time outside enjoying this beautiful weather.

They are had so much fun exploring and discovering today.

Please come to us if you have any questions or concerns. We are always happy to help you and your little ones.

Otherwise have a great evening.

Miss Marina & Miss Ione