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Its been a lovely day in the babies 2 room today. After spending my day with babies 1 yesterday it was lovely to be back in the room with all of my beautiful friends. We spent most of our morning playing inside with puzzles, sensory bottles and blocks. We all read stories together and drew pictures. Jude and Georgie had fun playing with cause and effect toys while Olivia, Penny and Elle built a tall tower together.

Later in the morning when we ventured outside Natalia spent some time sitting under the leaf reading stories about Spot and then enjoyed sharing those stories with Miss Hayley. Elle had a ride on Miss Stacey’s shoulders which she found very enjoyable while Emilia lay down on the orange pillow holding a ball. After this Elle, Penny, Natalia and Emilia got the animal costumes out and dressed up. They posed as they walked around the yard in costume and smiled at each other as they passed by.

Before lunch we had group time, we sang a variety of action songs with the children including:
• Open Shut Them
• If Your Happy and You Know it
• Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
• 3 Cheeky Monkeys
After this we read several books about first words and practiced saying the name of each object in the book.

In the afternoon we did some more shape paintings and crayon drawings which were enjoyed by all.

Thanks for a great day babies, see you tomorrow.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey


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