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We have been so busy today in babies 2. After a busy morning outside playing with water and rainbow rice we all ventured inside for group time. Miss Hayley sang Open Shut Them, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Three Cheeky Monkeys, Galoomp Went The Little Green Frog and If Your Happy and You Know It. Penny and Natalia enjoyed saying ‘Hurray’ and throwing their arms up in the air. They also liked clapping between songs and saying yay. Joseph also enjoyed clapping with the other babies. His favorite song was Open Shut Them, he laughed and smiled when Miss Hayley did the rolling action with her hands. He tried hard to copy her but found the movement a little tricky. Jaxon and Lennox also had a try of the rolling movement with their hands, they got all muddled up and thought it was very funny. Olivia tested out her new walking skills during group time and decided to try some of the actions standing up. During If Your Happy And You Know it she bobbed up and down and then clapped her hands. When she clapped her hands though she became a little wobbly and had to hop back up. Jude sat quietly during group time and observed the others until we sang Three Cheeky Monkeys, he knew all the actions and had a big smile on his face while we were singing.

We spent the rest of our day playing with play dough, doing Easter arts and craft and doing group activities such as dancing and puzzles.

Thanks for a great day babies.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey.


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