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Happy St Patricks Day families!

Today the babies had lots of fun in the obstacle circuit, Leon, Cohen and Hugo were climbing the steppingstones and the foam blocks, ending in the caterpillar and throwing all the balls out to the yard, then Quinn picked it up and put them back in the caterpillar. Cali, Mia and Belle enjoyed the home corner and playing with the babies, the baths and the kitchen area. Cohen also played in the kitchen putting the pots in the stove and the oven. Isaac was exploring all the toys in the yard, he went to the quiet corner and read some books, Belle and Cali also went to the book corner with Miss Andressa and played with the abacus. After a play outdoors we did our nappies and went inside for morning tea. Leon went to gymnastics today, Miss Kim said he had so much fun.For group time we all sat together in the quiet corner, and we greeted each child by singing, ‘good morning to you, good morning to you, good morning (their name) good morning to you! The children wave at the teacher and wave also at each other smiling. Then we said our Aboriginal acknowledgement together. And some of the favourite songs of our babies, for last the rainbow song as we are learning about colours and the rainbow is very related today to St Patricks Day, we showed them the pot of gold and the rainbow and the yellow colour of the golden coins. Then we saw the coloured flash cards and we

revisited the colours finishing with yellow colour and showing them the different paper materials we would use for the wall collage activity

For activity time we made:

  • Pots of gold: children had to use the stick glue to stick the coins on the pot, Quinn and Cohen said: more more! Leon kept sticking coins and after the rainbow in the middle of the pot 😊 they also tried to said “rainbow” and Quinn said “pot” really well, Cohen repeated it. They are doing really well at speaking and repeating words. Cali had a turn doing the pot of gold and she enjoyed sticking the gold coins as well. (1:1)
  • Yellow wall collage: Cali and Isaac started the wall collage with Miss Andressa and they really enjoyed it, Cali tried to put the paper in the wall where there wasn’t any contact, so they papers were falling and she kept saying: oh, oh… Miss Andressa (1:1)showed her the sticky paper was and she started putting the papers on the right place. Isaac was picking handful of papers and smashing it onto the wall. They really enjoyed that experience. Quinn and Cohen joined them after, Leon went to the sensory corner to build up towers with the wooden blocks(S).

Hope you had a great day, enjoy your evening and see you all tomorrow!

Miss MArina and Miss Andressa 🙂