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Good Afternoon families. As many of you may be aware the babies have been going through a stage where they have been feeling quite frustrated when they want something and at times have been hurting each other to get their own way. It is for this reason that over the next few weeks and of course the rest of the year we will be focusing a lot on language development, communication, sharing and taking turns. Common behaviors that we see at this age such as biting, pinching, pushing and increased tantrums are often fueled by frustration that they cannot communicate their needs clearly. While their comprehension and understanding of what they want and the world around them is quite well developed, language skills can take a little longer. Further more the ability to communicate clearly within a group of other babies going through the same stages of development can be even more challenging.

Today we have been practicing the word “stop”. We are teaching the babies to say this loudly and assertively while also making the stop action. This word has been chosen as it is short, simplistic and has only one syllable. It is our hope that when a friend is trying to take away a toy or attempting to hurt them that they will put out their hand and use the word “stop”. As the children develop further this can be extended to “stop, I don’t like it” or something similar. We will also in the near future encourage asking. If the children can ask their friends for something even by saying “please” or “ta” this is a great step towards sharing and more effective communication.

Whilst we cannot promise that this behavior will stop over night, if we all work together with you we can definitely help the babies to be better communicators.

On another note the babies have all had a great day playing and learning about communication. We have also enjoyed sensory exploration with play dough and in the sandpit using shovels, buckets, funnels and trucks. For group time today made beats on the table, counted with our fingers, talked about animals, our bodies and our names, said hello and bye bye then sang:
• Open shut them
• Twinkle twinkle
• If your happy and you know it
• Old Macdonalds Farm
• Heads shoulders knees and toes

Then for our music and movement interest we put on Wiggles Radio. The babies were encouraged to move their bodies around to the beat.:
• Stomping
• Clapping and shaking our hands
• Shaking and twisting our bodies
• Twirling around in circles
• Patting our heads
• Putting our hands up, then down then jumping back up again.

Thanks for reading, please feel free to chat with Stacey and I any time about this or anything else.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Hayley


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