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Babies 2 – Wednesday 18th September, 2019

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Good Evening Families, we hope you have had a nice day! 

Today’s the day we finally have Miss Sana back with us and the children were all super happy! She was greeted with lots of cuddles and the beautiful sign the children made yesterday. Miss Sana is still recovering and we want to thank the children for being so kind, patient and gentle with her to make her feel better. 

Our morning was spent outside playing with our friends from babies one! We enjoyed playing with the interactive musical speaker, whilst listening to nursery rhymes. We also enjoyed building with the waffle blocks, bouncing the balls against the wall and racing the prams around the yard. 

We finished our nappies at around 9:15am and came inside for morning tea at 9:20am. This morning was our favourite berry jelly. It was full of blueberries and the children really enjoyed eating them! 

We were all very busy bodies today, so we decided to let the children explore where they pleased. The children were really engaged in a lot of social play which was beautiful to see. 

Adam and Mack loved sitting next to the book shelf reading books that the boys chose themselves. They sat in Miss Bea’s lap and helped tell the stories by pointing and communicating back and forth. 

On the mat at the back of the room, Miss Sana got the felt board out. On the felt board Mack, Adam, Isla and George all participated in the following learning songs and activities; Wheels on the Bus, Feelings – If You’re Happy and You Know it, Bee Bee Bumble Bee Identity Song, There Were 5 in the Bed, Twinkle Star and Shapes. 

Ella really enjoyed listening to music today. Every time Miss Stacey asked, “Do You Like this Song?” Ella would reply with, “YEAH!”

Emilia was a clever girl today, reaching for her drink bottle that was sitting on the ledge. Well done Emilia, you had excellent balance! 

Levi has been a lot more social this week which has been lovely to see, he has been communicating and interacting with other children. Today he played with Alby and Emilia. 

George was in on a make up day today. It was so lovely to see him interact with some of the children that he doesn’t usually see on a Thursday or Friday. 

Thanks for a lovely day today babies, have a nice night. 

Lots of Love, 

Miss Stacey and Miss Sana xx 


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