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Happy Wednesday families,

Today Cali, Cohen and Belle played together in the home corner, they shared and did some role play pretending cooking for all the teachers. Quinn found the mower and has been mowing the yard all morning, today he didn’t want to share with anyone, it was him and his mower kinda day. Leon has been very quiet sitting in the book corner and playing by himself reading books, or with the abacus. Hugo has been all over the place, playing in the home corner with Cali, Belle and Cohen, then trying to have a turn with the mower machine, so he was following Quinn up and down. Sitting down with Leon to read a book, climbing the obstacle circuit and ripping the wall paper on the window 😊 then we changed our nappy and sat down for morning tea.(CI)

We sat for group time today and did our routine songs, the children were very calm and more observing than participating, they were very quiet and entertained but didn’t want to get involved so we moved to activity time.

Today we are finishing our poppies for Anzac Day to make a wreath with all the poppies together for display. We used red water paint to colour a big piece of paper, when dry we’ll cut put the poppies and get the children to stick the little black dots in the middle of the flower, with these poppies we will make a wreath as a group activity for ANZAC day.(TI)

Then we played with the new musical instruments, the children had the chance to explore their hearing sense and their musical skills by banging the musical instruments, we have a drum, a xylophone, maracas, castanyuelas and a flute. They love making loud noises! (CI)

Hope you have a fantastic afternoon.

Miss Marina & Miss Ione.