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Good afternoon to all of our families,

We have had a fun day today full of exploration and laughter and creativity…..

We began our morning by reading a new story ….pumpkin party, a beautiful peter rabbit story . We used this story to identify the pumpkins and promote our language skills by practicing saying the word pumpkin,  we then extended this activity by creating a painting opportunity where our children used some brightly coloured orange paint to create our own pumpkins,  helping us to make meaning.

We also revisited our very popular spooky rice play today, with our children sifting and feeling their way through the rice and finding all kinds of creepy creatures.  We had lots of fun scooping the rice into our miniature couldrens and pumpkin buckets.

Thank you for another beautiful day in babies two and looking forward to sharing more adventures with you tomorrow!

Miss Rochelle and Miss Valerie xoxo