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Welcome back Miss Stacey!! Hurray Miss Stacey is back we were all very happy this morning to see her. Today we have been busy finishing off our Easter craft. We used paper plates, cotton balls, paint, confetti and our photos to make bunny faces. Look out for them on the wall. We also spent lots of time out in the yard playing games together. The boys all gathered around the bubbler for a chat and enjoyed having turns of turning on the water. They each splashed the water about and then Miss Stacey showed them what happens if you put you finger in the way of the water. Joseph thought it was hilarious that the water splashed so far. Lennox and Jaxon followed along and had a try, they also thought it was quite funny that the water could splash so far. Jude watched on in delight and giggled softly. The next game was initiated by Natalia who thought it would be fun to roll around the giant blue foam circle. She rolled it from one end of the yard to the other. She then stood back and let Lennox have a turn, Lennox then shared with Elle and they rolled it around together. The next game we played was hiding in the tunnels. Miss Hayley crawled in then Penny and Jude followed. They all said boo to the babies walking past, then sneaky Joseph scared everyone by saying boo from the top of the tunnel. He then started throwing little plastic balls in through the gaps making everyone jump. Next we jumped and wobbled across the stepping stones, Jaxon was the only one to follow along but he thought it was a great game. Finally Jaxon and Natalia had a turn of the green bug bikes they drove them all around the yard and had a great time riding between the obstacles.

Thank you for a great day babies we will see you tomorrow.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey 

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