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Babies 2 – Wednesday 24th August 2016

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Our day…

Today we celebrated Book Week in Babies 2!

Some children this morning came to kindy dressed up as their favourite book characters. Max was dressed up as Where’s Wally. Natalia and Elle were ballerinas and Emilia was dressed up as a bumble bee. Miss Stacey had also dressed up today. She dressed up as a Harry Potter costume. Everyone looked so amazing in their costumes today. Jaxon, Audrey, Olivia and Georgie were given dress ups today to join in the fun also! Our room loved being all dressed up today.

For group time this morning, Miss Lillian read the children a book called, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ She used the audio instead of reading it aloud. The children loved to hear someone else’s voice who they weren’t familiar with, read the book. Everyone sat on the mat with Miss Lillian and looked at the pages and listened very closely to the story. Miss Lillian went through the book twice because the children loved it so much. Georgie, Max, Olivia and Emilia loved listening to the book today.

Singing some songs with the children, Miss Stacey sang, ‘Row Your Boat,’ ‘Old McDonald,’ ‘5 Fat Sausage,’ ‘’3 Cheeky Monkeys,’ ‘ABC,’ and ‘Twinkle Twinkle. Audrey, Olivia, Max and Emilia loved to join and sing along with Miss Stacey. Max loved rowing his boat alone while Miss Stacey was singing the song.

Our art activity today was making some bumble bees. Some children today were dressed up as bees and Miss Stacey thought it would also be great to decorate our tree on the wall. Taking in turns, each child chose whether or not they wanted to have a go and do a hand-paint of a bumble bee. Georgie, Jaxon, Olivia, Natalia, Audrey, Emilia and Elle loved this activity today.

Jaxon had an interest of blocks today. Miss Jade thought it would great to bring in new blocks into the room. We found some large, soft and foamy blocks for the children to play with. Jaxon was very excited and enjoyed building a tower with them. Elle, Emilia, Max, Natalia and Olivia enjoyed the blocks also. Everyone was building such creative and wonderful things.

After a rainy day, we hope to have some fun outside and run around. Thank you babies for such lovely day today.

Miss Jade and Miss Stacey

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