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It has been a lovely Wednesday here in Babies 2. We spent lots of time outside today stretching our legs, running around and playing games. We danced to Wiggles songs and to the Hokey Pokey then we played at the sand table and took turns going down the slide. Miss Stacey brought some books out, she read lots of books to us about shapes and colours. After Miss Stacey had finished reading Jaxon and Olivia took a book each and sat down to read independently. They pointed at different things on the page and Miss Hayley said what each of them were. Jaxon often tried to copy the words Miss Hayley was saying.  

When we went inside it was Group Time. Everybody sat down on the fluffy green mat ready to sing songs. We started with ‘If Your Happy And You Know It’ then continued on with all of our favorites like ‘Open Shut Them’ and ‘Three Cheeky Monkeys’. Penny and Elle knew all the actions and got very excited about singing each of the different songs. Jaxon and Lennox also thought it was great and were jumping up and down to the songs. Once we had finished singing we read the book ‘Dear Zoo’ and watched all of the animals jump out from under their flaps. We all thought the lion was a bit scary and that the monkey was very cheeky.

We also spent some time today talking about our families and looking at our family photos up on the tree. Each of the babies pointed at their photos and was held up to have a look at their family. We continued this discussion by talking about our faces. Our eyes, ears, mouths and hair. Penny and Lennox had a touch of Miss Hayley’s hair and so did Olivia.

We have had a great day exploring 🙂

See you tomorrow babies.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey 


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