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Happy sunny day families!

Today the weather has give us a break and the sun is out! So we have been playing outside all morning, Belle, Cali and Mia have been climbing the obstacle circuit and going down the ramp crawling, belle was balancing walking along , she also went and rock the babies in the cot (CI) Quinn and Hugo played peekaboo in the cubby house, Cohen joined them and tried to tickle them 😊 Hugo also sat down to read a book with Miss Marina, “peekaboo baby” (TI).Leon and Cohen did some races with the bikes and then just running, Quinn and Hugo joined them and they had so much fun. Cali and Mia are also starting to use the walkers to practice their steps, and they are getting more confident holding themselves in the furniture to walk around the yard to explore. (CI)

Hugo also sat down to read a book with Miss Marina, “peekaboo baby” (TI)For group time this morning we sat down in the quiet area just before morning tea, Cali is tarting to learn the songs and memorise the gestures, knowing in which part of the song she has to clap or do specific gesture. Quinn started to do the “more” gesture today after each song, he said “more, more” verbally but also using his sign language to say it. Isaac and Cali are doing it with their fist instead of their fingers but they will soon do it. Cali is also saying “more, more” and sharing her happiness and satisfaction with her peers. She loves singing songs, Isaac really enjoys tim the turtle and open and shut.

activity time we did 2 different activities.


-sensory rice and volumes: today we combined in a tray 3 different rice colours ( red, green and blue) and also used different volume containers and cups to transfer rice from one to another and mix. Reviewing the colours we have been learning is a great way of memorising and practice colour recognition. Leon, Quinn, Cohen, Cali and Isaac had so much fun playing with the rice and containers, the moment when Cohen mixed blue and red was visually very stimulating for him, we could see how he was very focus and relaxed then trying to separate the single rice grains. Leon was visually very stimulated mixing the three colours and making noises of surprise: oh.. oh… oh!!!! Quinn was repeating the colours blue, green and red during the time he played with the rice.

-Green house elements: we made a green house with different green elements for them to match colours, recognise different natural objects that are green colour like avocado, grass, snake, crocodile, leaf… adding the sensory feeling of the Velcro, which they really like. Quinn and Cohen showed a a lot of interest in this activity and they practice their speaking repeating each word with Miss Marina (1:1)


Hope you enjoyed this sunny day in the coast.

Have a lovely evening.


Miss Ione & Miss Marina