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Good afternoon families. Today we have been busy turning our room into a Winter Wonderland. We started by making sparkly blue and white snow flakes and then we gave our Family Tree a winter makeover. Over the next few weeks we will be adding many new wintery artworks to the walls. If you have anything from home that would help make our room look extra wintery we would love to use it. Also a reminder that we would love any Family Photos you might have for the tree. Another thing we also welcome is your suggestions and input. Our goal is to make our classroom an extension of your home and family so anything that you can suggest or bring along helps us to achieve that. An excellent example would be our friend Indigo who absolutely loves the Sunrise Cash Cow. As a result of this suggestion we have the Cash Cow up on the wall for Indigo to see each and every day.

The babies seemed to really enjoy making snow flakes this morning. They all focused intently on which pieces of paper the were going to choose and were so excited to sprinkle the silver glitter onto the glue. Once the craft activity was all finished we got out the play dough and practiced cutting, rolling and making shapes out of the dough. We also talked about the different shapes we were making and practiced shape recognition.

Thanks for a wonderful day babies, see you all tomorrow.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey


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