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Today in the babies room we have been exploring our senses. We worked together to create a new sensory wall out of a recycled card board box. Miss Hayley cut it open so that it could lay flat then she laid it out on the grass with lots of colourful crayons. The babies then all gathered together to colour the cardboard. We took this opportunity to talk about colours and the different things you can make with them. Next Miss Hayley cut some round holes in the cardboard and stuck a variety of different textures behind them. It was then attached to the wall for all of the babies to explore. The babies then spent lots of time exploring their sense of touch, sight and smell. It was challenging for many of the babies to be gentle enough with the materials but with some modelling of play from the teachers the babies soon figured out how to explore the different textures.

Not long after this we ventured outside for some interest based planned activities. Joseph and Penny really enjoy counting, talking and learning new words so we used the peg boards as a group activity to foster these interests. First we talked about the different colours of the pegs and their round shape, then we began fitting them on top of each other and counting as each peg was added to the tower. Jaxon was next to join in sitting right next to Joseph he soon became part of the game. His favorite part was when the tower became too high and started to wobble then he could knock it down. The boys then made a game out of this and every time the tower fell they would laugh and say “oh oh”. Next Olivia came over to join in the fun, she didn’t like it when the boys knocked over the towers though so she played her own game. One by one she built up her tower carefully never letting it fall down.

After we had finished playing with the peg boards we put on some  music. Everyone in the class danced especially Elle and Joseph they showed off all of their moved wiggling their hands and stomping their feet. It was very sweet to see them copying each other. Emilia and Audrey were feeling a bit quiet today so after a couple of dance moves they both sat down at the puzzle table.

They rest of our day was spent playing and learning with our friends and teachers.

Thank you for a lovely day babies 2

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey

P.S As the weather gets colder please remember to bring a labelled jumper or Jacket 🙂 A snuggly blanket for nap time would be great too. Thank you 

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