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Good afternoon to all of our families,

We have had a wonderful day today with some new exploration and experimental play activities.  Today we have looked at colour mixing with a Halloween feel, we drew some pumpkins onto our special bags which we then filled with red and yellow paint, we then sealed the bags and used our hands and fingers to push and move the paint around making……ORANGE pumpkins,  we had so much fun with this activity which was also beneficial towards developing the small muscles in our hands as we squished,  squeezed and pushed the paint around. Our second activity today was a sensory activity….spooky ice hands, we froze gloves filled with water and halloween creepies inside we then peeled off the gloves to leave frozen hands full of bugs eek!! We had lots of fun exploring with the ice and noticing how quickly it began to turn into water, we talked about what we were seeing and how the ice and water felt…..and loved splashing around in the melted puddles:)

We managed to squeeze in some obstacle course practice before lunch, our babies are doing a great job with their balance and are really embracing the challenge….Miss Andressa also offered some fun face painting as a part of our Halloween week celebrations.

An amazing day for babies 2!

Miss Rochelle and Miss Valerie xoxo