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Good afternoon families. Today had been a super fun day in the babies 2 room. Our day started with lots of outdoor play and running around. when Miss Hayley arrived she set up some fun new sensory activities, we updated our sensory wall adding some soft pipe cleaners and smooth paddle pop sticks. We made a nature collage out of leaves and flower petals and then remade our squishy sensory bags so that we could continue playing with them for a few more weeks. Once all of the activities were finished Jaxon, Joseph and Lennox turned into destruction machines so Miss Hayley took them all outside to build a block tower. The boys weren’t having it and kept trying to knock down the towers so Miss Hayley thought and thought then she gave up and decided to join them. She began knocking over all the toys in the yard and saying “roar destroy the blocks, break the toys raaaa” the boys thought this was hilarious and started giggling. They quickly joined in running around the yard throwing all the blocks and toys around. Penny Elle and Natalia joined in with the boys and everyone began throwing the big blocks into a pile in the middle of the yard. “Raaaaa” said Jaxon and Joseph “Raaaaaa” said Miss Hayley. Then we all began throwing the blocks down the slide, one by one they slid down into a big pile. The game went on for about ten minutes, all the babies thought it was wonderful to play a game where they could do the opposite of what is usually expected. This also helped the boys to get their energy out. Later in the morning we came in for group time, we played with musical instruments and sang all of our favorite songs. Miss Stacey read the book WORDS which is about naming different objects, animals and foods in the book. This encourages language development and comprehension.

Thank you for all the fun today babies.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey

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