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Hello babies 2 families 😊
Leon was very busy today using the new walker and stopping around the yard to build towers with all the wooden blocks he was carrying up and down. Cohen was using the sensory cubes to practice his throwing and also his catching. Then he found a ball and used the ball to play with Leon. Belle, Millie and Quinn had some singing time in the seesaw with Miss Valerie singing “row row your boat” and the children screaming and laughing at the end of the song.
Leon and Cohen also sat down with Miss Marina to read some books and practice their words, Quinn joined us and while we were reading a bird came in the yard very close to us, Quinn said: “birdie, birdie!” and when the bird flew away he said “ bye bye birdie” and waved at the bird. Cohen said goodbye to the bird as well, and Leon got so excited and started making loud noises and clapping. After morning tea we all sat down in the mat and the babies are loving to do the group time in the quiet area, as you can see in the photos they get very comfy 😊 we did our routine and Quinn asked for spider ( incy wincy spider) he really likes that one and gets mesmerised observing Miss Marina’s hand doing the spider up and down, when the song is over he says: “pider, pider… more, more”, then he asked for “turtle” so we sang Tim the turtle, he is starting to try to do all the gestures, Millie has tried also to do some of them. Cohen was very relaxed laying down on a soft pillow listening to all the group time very well, same as Belle, today she could join the group time and she really enjoyed it, she sat down very well, listened to all the songs and clap at the end of some of them. The last song we did was the rainbow song, we practiced our colours and then we moved to activity time.
– Rainbow noodles- Connecting to the rainbow song and the learning about colours that we’ve been doing in the past weeks today we prepared a colorful sensory activity for them to practice colours, self help skills, explore and develop their senses and also to have lots of sun and messy play. Belle was loving using the fork to transfer the noodles from the big container to the small bowl/plate she had. Quinn was trying to recognise the colours, he did recognise “green” and for some reason he loves saying “purple”, probably is the “P” sound which is easy for him. He also said “yellow noodle”, more more, yummy and rainbow. He is becoming a chatter box 😊 Cohen was using the fork really well to transfer the noodles to his own bowl but also to his friends, he was making sure everyone was getting some, Millie enjoyed using her hands to touch the noodles more than using the fork, Leon did the same, they both squeeze the noodles in their hands and threw them in the air.
– Easter egg roleplay- We got some wooden velcro eggs in egg boxes so they could roleplay in the home corner, the eegs are split in half attached with Velcro with maked the children want to separate those 2 parts, this became a problem solving activity as they were provided also with a knife (as an utensil to split/cut the egg) they tried hard fot a few minutes, after failing we showed them how to do it, assist them and they started to try again. Leon got the egg cups and made towers with them. Belle put the eggs in the egg box, Quinn, Cohen and Millie tried very hard to separate the eggs with their hands, then they used
– the knife. They really engage on this activity and spent a lot of time using their brain to achieve their goal.
– Easter bunny art- We used stickers today to decorate our easter bunnies, they were more interested peeling the stickers off than sticking them in, so we used paint to finish the decoration process.
– Outdoor climbing and running: Leon, Millie, Cohen and Quinn participate in the running races with Miss Marina, after we climbed the walls in the obstacle circuit, also we create one line of blocks to walk and balance.
Then we had lunch and a long nap 😊 and after more food and play time! Yay!!!
Hope you enjoy your evening families.
Miss Ione and Miss Marina.