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Today we have spent our day learning through play. Miss Hayley planned some very exciting and engaging games for us to play based upon our interests, developmental needs and to help us cooperate and work together as a class. The first activity we took part in today was group time. During group time we sat on the mat and talked about our names, pointing to each friend we said their name and then said hello. Next we said the teachers names and said hello to them. We then went on to read a book about shapes and colours. Penny liked repeating the names of the colours as we read them out and so did Elle. After we finished reading we sang Open Shut them and 3 Cheeky Monkeys then we practiced counting.

After group time we all sat at the table to play with the peg boards. This was a planned activity to foster Fine Motor Control, Cooperation and Sharing. We also used this experience to practice counting and to learn about colours. Each time we counted the pegs the tower became bigger and bigger. We worked out that we couldn’t get past eight without knocking the tower down as we couldn’t reach the top.

Next some of our friends completed the weekly art project and made Mothers Day . . . Surprises! We then ventured outside to sing and dance to Baby Einstein Radio. Olivia sat in front of the speaker and danced, bobbing up and down to the music. When the Hokey Pokey came on we all had a try of dancing with different parts of our body. Elle, Emilia and Penny all enjoyed dancing to this song and had big smiles on their faces. Next we played with dress ups, Emilia and Penny got dressed up with Miss Stacey and made sounds like a lion. They ran around the yard saying ROAR!! After this Olivia initiated a game with Mr Frog, She climbed up onto him and started pointing at his eye. Miss Stacey took this opportunity to point to his eyes, ears, mouth and nose. This then caught the attention of the other babies who came over to play. They pointed to the frogs face and then their own faces all the while learning about the different parts of the face.

After a busy morning we were all feeling hungry so we went inside for a delicious lunch and then went down for a nap. Our nap time routine is going really well with all of the older babies now going into the cot room to sleep after lunch. Most days we are all going to bed with a smile and are putting ourselves off to sleep with only the occasional need for a cuddle or extra reassurance. This is a very big step towards toddlerhood so Great Job Babies!! 

In the afternoon we played with animals and play dough. We enjoyed making foot prints in the dough and talking about the animals names.

Thank you for a great day babies, see you tomorrow.

From Miss Hayley & Miss Stacey

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