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Hello families!

This morning Hugo and Quinn sat on one of the big foam blocks and pretend they were on a boat swinging from one side to another, Quinn was singing: “row, row” and Hugo was screaming, Cohen joined them and they took turns with Miss Marina singing the full song(CI) Leon rode the bikes around the yard and visited his friends playing in different areas, sometimes he will hop off the bike and engage in play. Cali and Mia were sitting down in the quiet corner with Miss Ione playing with the balls, passing them using their hands. Belle joined them and sat down observing, after a while she joined the circle invited by Miss Ione and she pass the ball to her. Hugo went to play with the balls as well and then Cohen, they end up taking 2 balls and kicking them around the yard 😊After morning tea we had a bit of a wonder around the room and then we sat down for group time, We sang our routine songs and  the children were vary engaging. Quinn, Hugo and Cali asked for more as soon as they sat down 😊 very cute! Cohen laid down in the bouncer and observe, and Leon sat down on Miss Marina’s lap because he likes her to use him as a puppet to do the gestures of the nursery rhymes, the children observe Leon’s movement patterns and mimic him smiling. We introduce a new song: Miss Polly had a dolly. They looked at Miss Marina with their eyes wide open and clapped and smiled at the end 😊 we will incorporate this one to out morning songs as we noticed their interest in dollies and babies in the outdoor area, so will be having soon a babies area in the room.

Today we did cloud dough! We felt like getting really messy so we sat down on the floor and we let them used their hands to mix the flour and the baby oil. Quinn and Hugo were very confident putting their hands in the tray as soon as Miss Marina pour the flour inside. Then we put some baby oil and Cohen and Leon started mixing it with their hands, they all smiled at each other, Leon and Quinn looked at their hands feeling the flour with their fingers, Cohen observe Miss Ione squeezing the flour together and making a ball and said: “ball, ball, please”. Quinn repeated “ball please” handing his hand to Miss Marina for her to make him a ball. Cali was very careful touching the flour and the dough, she used her hands to grab it and squeeze it, after 10 min she went and play in the home corner. After a bit of mixing, we got the desire texture and we gave them some measuring cups and spoons. This has been a great gross motor skill practice; they have been transferring the dough from one container to another and from tray to tray. They played for 30 min, engaging in such a fun experience with their friends, sharing and learning.


Hope you enjoy reading the program, see you all tomorrow.


Miss Marina & Miss Ione