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Today we welcome our new friend Emilie. We have had a lovely time getting to know her. This morning we sat down and read some stories together, then we brought out the musical instruments. Emilie sat with Miss Stacey and tapped on the drum. Jaxon stood up and danced to the beat while Elle and Jude watched intently. Natalia and Olivia played eagerly on the xylophones copying Miss Stacey’s moves.

For group time today we turned on the music and danced together. We danced the hokey pokey and to the ants go marching. After we were finished dancing we sang the following songs:
• Open Shut Them
• 3 cheeky monkeys (Penny and Lennox knew all the actions)
• Galoomp (Olivia danced to this song)
• If your happy and you know it
• Twinkle twinkle (Elle did all the actions)
• Incey Wincey Spider

After group time we set up the table with blue play dough and rolling pins. The whole class are sat at the table with Miss Stacey and participated. Natalia sat with Miss Stacey and explored what happens when you push your hand into the dough. Emily and Elle enjoyed rolling their rolling pins across the dough. Jaxon and Jude enjoyed poking the end of the rolling pin into the dough.

In the afternoon we went outside to play. Penny, Emilie, Natalia and Olivia showed an interest in the sounds that their hands make when they bang on the table. Miss Stacey fostered this interest by putting on a song that had counting to the beat in different languages. She sat with the girls and patted her hands to the beat. She also counted with the song in English, French and Spanish. While the others were playing Jude Elle and Jaxon had fun at the water table washing balls and toy cars. We also had fun with bubbles out in the yard and danced to music.

Thank you for a fun day babies.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey

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