Happy humpday families! We started the day playing with our friends from bb1 & 3, Hugo, Cali, Leon and Quinn climbed the obstacle circuit and rolled down the ramp, Mia really enjoy the connectors, she throws them away and crawl to get them again. Leon was very busy using the bikes to go around the yard looking at his friends playing. Then we changed our nappy and sat down for morning tea, we had some fruit salad and muesli bar.

(O1: Babies have a strong sense of identity, working on separating from their parents, managing routines and independency)


We had a great morning indoor exploring the room in the home corner Hugo, Quinn and Leon started building connections and sharing toys. Mia and Cali read a book with Miss Valerie, after they used the shakers to make some noise and the wooden blocks, they just like to tip the box over and throw them away 😊

(O2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world, developing the sense of belonging to a new community and building relationships with the educators and friends)


Our babies are really enjoying mealtime! They calm down when they sit on the highchairs and wait for their food very patiently, Mia and Cali have been observing their new friends eating, they respond to them smiling when they try to communicate, Hugo is been trying to talk to his friends when sitting, specially to Quinn that was sitting next to him, Quinn responds back and it seems they understand each other 😉

(O3: Our babies have a strong sense of wellbeing)