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Good afternoon to all of our families,

Today we began our season of everything Halloween. We have had an absolutely amazing morning full of amazement and exploration. Our activity focus this morning was “spooky spaghetti “. Miss Rochelle set up our big black tray ready for everyone to gather around,  it was full of purple and green spaghetti….perfect Halloween colours! Hidden inside the big mountains of spaghetti were lots of creepy crawly creatures waiting to be found, we also added our small tongs for the children to use and practice with as a further learning extension of our fine motor tong activity from last week. We had so much fun feeling our way through the spaghetti,  each and every one of us using different ideas and techniques to explore. We talked with Miss Valerie and Miss Rochelle about what we could see, feel, touch, and some of us taste as we explored this exciting new experience.

An amazing morning of fun and learning,  we also introduced a new little song to our babies 5 little pumpkins to add to our Halloween season this will also encourage our basic counting skills.

Thank you for another beautiful day in babies two and looking forward to sharing more adventures with you tomorrow!

Congratulations to all who completed the premier’s reading challenge I have your certificates ready to hand out to you from this afternoon x

Miss Rochelle and Miss Valerie xoxo