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Today has been a lovely calm day in the babies 2 room. We spent all of our time this morning playing and learning. For group time we did all of our usual activities such as singing, reading and music. Then we branched out and played a game together about our faces and bodies. Miss Hayley said “where is your . . .?” then the babies would point to it or touch it. Then we wiggled our ear, wobbled our noses, tickled our belly buttons and poked out our tongues. We also played the same game but pointed to our friends and teachers “Where’s Stacey?” “Say hello to Stacey” etc This game went on for around 10 minutes, all of the babies participated and seemed to really enjoy the game.

After this we all went outside to burn off some energy. We listened to Wiggles radio and danced to Rock-a-by your bear, point your fingers and The hokey pokey. We also practiced a variety of different moves such as balancing on one leg, jumping and wiggling. Next the babies took turns on the slide, going up and down again. Then lining up and waiting for their friends to go first.  Then all of a sudden one of the babies knocked Miss Hayley down as they tried to give her a tackle cuddle. They both started laughing then all the other babies decided it would be fun to hop onto Miss Hayley as well. She started laughing and squealing as the babies piled onto her some even sitting on her head. All of the babies giggled and squealed also. This then became a huge game of stacks on, many of the babies laying on the ground so that Miss Hayley would climb on them and tickle them. She very gently pretended to play stacks on with the babies on the bottom. (See the photos below that Miss Hayley shot while being tackled :-))

Thanks for such a great day babies, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey

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