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What a busy day its been today in the babies 2 room. Our day began playing outside with Miss Stacey, we played with water, sand and sensory bottles. Then we took turns going down the slide and over the bridge. We sat down on the cushions and read books and then had turns at jumping on the cushions with Miss Stacey. When Miss Hayley arrived we went inside and sat down for morning tea, it was a yummy fruit platter with crackers. Once we finished eating Miss Hayley brought out some new sensory bags and bottles for us to play with. She taped them to the windows so we could watch the light reflecting through them. We squished and squeezed them watching the different items being manipulated by the touch of our fingers.

Once we had finished playing with all of the sensory bags it was craft time. We each had a turn at making butterfly paintings. We got to paint them in any colour we chose and mixed the paint around all over the paper plates. While each of us were having a turn Miss Hayley started group time, we danced the hokey pokey, made music with the instruments and sang all of our favorite songs. 

Just before lunch we had some time to go outside again. We all went outside to take part in a group activity. All of the babies took turns at building a tower out of the giant leggo blocks. Then they played babies and all took care of baby Elle. These interactions were all very sweet.

See you tomorrow babies.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey 🙂


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