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Good afternoon families,

Over the last week our babies 3 children have been learning about loving animals and loving plants. Today we wanted to extend on the love by expressing love toward ourselves and each other.

All the children really enjoyed today’s sensory activity getting involved to make red play dough. Once the play dough was made all the children were given a love heart cutter to make each other hearts. While creating hearts we sat down and asked the children to repeat back to us, “We love mummy and daddy, we love each other and we love ourselves.” While repeating this the children placed their hands over our hearts. This activity helps develop an understanding of love and kindness by sharing the play dough hearts with their friends. By putting their hands over their hearts this also helps the children acknowledge where their hearts are.

After the children were done with the play dough we all went outside and enjoyed reading the books, “My Mummy Loves Me” and “My Daddy Loves Me”. Following on with a play in the yard. Then we all went back inside for a delicious lunch and a sleep.

This afternoon after some well deserved rest the children will have their afternoon tea and head back outside to see where else our curious minds will takes us.

Thank you families!

We look forward to seeing you all next week for some more adventures in babies 3.

Miss Aimee and Miss Shafagh.