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Good afternoon families

We have all had a super fun day today in Babies 3.

Loads of adventures in our outdoor area. Climbing on our large foam blocks. Riding our bikes with our friends, giggling as we raced each other around the yard. So many bubbles also as our little learners all had their own bubble wands. Balls to roll, throw and kick. Strollers to push. Tent to play hide and seek from our friends or to have a quiet moment to catch up on some reading. Our little ones loved the jungle animals that were set out on the table to explore. Roaring loudly like a lion or making lots of cheeky monkey noises.
Our indoor adventures too were full of great learning experiences. Home corner always a hive of activity as all the children make cups of tea or share some yummy wooden food for their friends. Open Shut Them, Heads And Shoulders, Wind The Bobbin Up an Old Mac Donald being some of the songs we have done the actions to. Posting boxes, duplo blocks and musical instruments, Hand puppets, books and shape sorters have had a little ones busy as they shared theses learning experiences with their friends.

Until next time, have a great afternoon everyone

Loads of love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️