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Hello to all our beautiful families

Friday again, wow!! We have had such an amazing week of fun learning experiences and been on many adventures with all our friends.

Today we extended on with Archie’s interest in cars, trucks and emergency vehicles. Lots of bright paint was applied to sponges and the children were encouraged to push the cars along the soft squishy paint covered sponge. They then moved the cars to a white piece of paper and continued to push the cars along the paper making patterns with the wheels. Zac, Carter and Archie were amazed and super excited as they watched the paint appear. Jaxon was very confused wondering were the paint was coming from, lifting them up looking underneath. Jaxon soon discovered the secret and excitedly reached for another. Choosing the tractor this time, pushing it, lifting it up to see the paint covered wheels then pushing it along the paper again. Isla also enjoyed this art experience. Isla pushed the vehicles into the sponge and began to stamp the Tractor onto the table enjoying the loud noise it made. Isla then reached for another and did the same, looking at the patterns she had made, she then looked up with a big smile happy with the results. Birdie and Pip also enjoying this fun learning experience both the girls chose a car for each hand and happily moved the cars through the paint then across the paper, smiling as they seen the patterns they had made.

Kinect  sand was one of our activities on offer in our outdoor area, along with musical instruments, bikes, balls and obstacle course. All our little adventurers buzzed around excitedly playing beautiful music with the instruments, kicking balls and zooming around on the bikes. Books also being of interest as they sat at the table together as a group chatting about the pictures. Patrick  was super happy exploring the outdoor area. Climbing the obstacle course, and joining in with his friends exploring the Kinect sand.

We have all had an amazing week and a super fun happy day.

We hope you all have a great afternoon and an Enjoyable weekend doing what you love.

See you again next week.


loads of love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️