September 13, 2019 Babies 3 No Comments

Wow Friday already, and what a busy fun filled week we have had with lots of great learning experiences. 

Today our day started outside in our magnificent outdoor area with loads of fun, and enjoyment. 

Pip and Birdie rocked back and forwards on the rocker while Miss Shafagh sang “Row Row Row Your Boat” 🛶 Blake busied herself around making sure everyone had bubbles and giving away lots of beautiful cuddles to her friends ❤️ Zac climbed aboard the wooden horse and rocked himself smiling and waving his very special  wave to his friends. Lincoln smiled in amazement as he emerced himself in colourful balls in the ball pit. Anselma shared the big bouncy balls with her little friend Sophie rolling them to one another. Jaxon content at his favourite tradies bench working on pushing the bolts into the holes.

After our big explore outside it was time for our yummy morning tea. After our morning tea some of our friends went to Tumble Tots the rest of the babies enjoyed small group play experiences . Blocks, home corner and puzzles were just a few of their interests. When our friends joined us again we all sat down together and enjoyed doing art, today our art was extended from the babies enjoying the song/nursery rhyme  “Five Little Ducks” lots of sticky icky glue and fluffy feathers made a magnificent sensory experience they all enjoyed.

At Group time today we sang “Five Little Ducks” “Incy Wincy Spider” “Row Row Row Your Boat” “ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”and ” The Wheels On The Bus”

Thank you all for a fantastic week. Have a great weekend everyone 

Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxxx

Written by elcbabies3