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Good afternoon families

Well here we are again at the end of another week, and what an exciting week we’ve had with so many fun adventures together.

This week we have enjoyed learning all about animals that live on the farm. Noises they make and food they like to eat. We have done some amazing artwork as well. Hand print cows ? horses ? pigs ? sheep ?, rooster ? and  chickens ? we all enjoyed having our hands painted. We made a tractor ? with our foot print and a sunflower collage with yellow collage materials and sunflower seeds?
Old Mac Donald Had A Farm has been enjoyed with all our little learners becoming very familiar with the animals and the sounds they make.

Our little learners have shown lots of interest in the musical instruments this week. During group time today we all sat in a circle with Miss Shafagh and chose an instrument to play. Lots of beautiful music filled the room as they tinked the xylophone clicked the maracas  Shook the shakers and rattled the tambourine. Loads of smiles during this fun activity.
Zac really enjoys stacking objects as high as he can, today Zac chose to stack the posting boxes, carefully he placed each one, then standing back with the biggest smile so proud of his achievement. Then to our surprise Zac gently unstacked each tin. Well done Zac!!! We all clapped and cheered so loudly.

Carter and Archie shared their interest in the large foam blocks today, each taking a turn as one would do a trick then the other would do the same. Rolling down them being their favourite. Lots of excited squeals and giggles were shared during this fun activity.

Jaxon and Isla shared the puppets, placing them on their hands showing each other and mimicking the noises. Then passing them to Miss Shawn to do the same.

Patrick went on many adventures in our outdoor area today choosing the balls, blocks and books. Patrick also managing to almost climb onto the rocker by himself, then Miss Shawn came to the rescue and helped a little.

Lots of learning fun with the alphabet blocks today, as we lined them up counting each block as we went, then showing our little ones each letter as we sang ABC. Clapping and cheering at the end.

Lots of warm snuggly cuddles with our friends as we read books or just because they wanted one. ?

We have all had an amazing week and a wonderful day.Thank you all for sharing it with us
Have a great afternoon and an Awesome weekend everyone ?

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️??