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Good afternoon families

Today was a special day as we started our day playing with our friends in BB3 yard. All children were so happy. We sat up drawing station, obstacle foams, calm area and sensory area for them. Oaklyn, Patrick and Orlando had great time in group drawing. Lane, Oakley  and Lachlan played with blocks. All children enjoyed kicking balls, pushing the trolleys, playing with blocks and sensory bottles. We sang lots of songs together and read so many books.

We had so much fun inside as well. Children were so busy playing with variety of toys. Kaya, Lachlan and Patrick had a wonderful time playing with musical instruments. Henry and Oaklyn decided to read a book for each other in a corner. Lane was happy playing in the home corner.

We continued our activity about ANZAC Day. Today we created a bunch of puppy flowers using handprint technique. All children contributed in this activity to show their respect.

Have a great weekend

Miss Shafagh and Miss Valerie