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Good afternoon families,

We spent most of our day outside today. Henry loved playing with musical instruments. Orlando, Lane and Oaklyn preferred to play with numerical blocks while Patrick, Oaklyn and Henry had great time improving their balancing skills on the soft block foams. Today we received so many attractive toys which brought lots of fun to our room. Children loved playing with the abacus rainbows. Oaklyn, Lachlan, Patrick, Henry and Kaya had lots of fun figuring out how to lock and unlock the locks.

Children had lots of fun inside with the variety of toys and loose parts. Oakley had great time playing with Duplo blocks and sensory bottles. Henry, Oaklyn and Patrick showed us their skills in playing with stacking toys. Lane and Kaya had lots of fun in the home corner and pretended cooking. In our group time activity we extended our learning about Persian New Year by painting apple which is a symbol of health in Persian culture. All children enjoyed the painting.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend

Miss Shafagh and Miss Larissa