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Good afternoon families.

Today we had lots of fun in our room.Henry and Oaklyn were the big fans on the lock boxes. They enjoyed locking and unlocking all the doors on the boxes. Patrick and Kaya spend some quality times on the stacking toys. Olivia enjoyed playing with the stuffed toys.

Today we extended our learning about Autumn. As children had so much fun making collage with dried leaves, today we provided them the opportunity to play with play dough in colours yellow and orange (the colour related to Autumn) to improve their colour recognition, fine motor skills as well as knowing more about the season. Children loved this activity.

As usual, we started our day with friends in BB1&2. Oaklyn and Orlando each chose a baby to play with them on the calm area. Lane was so happy playing on the soft block foams and Patrick pretend cooking in the home corner. When we came to our room, we read books together and sang lots of songs in our group time. Later the day Lachlan and Henry enjoyed riding bikes. Kaya played with blocks and Olivia joined her. We made a tower with the blocks.

Have a nice weekend.

Miss Shafagh and Miss Valerie