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Good afternoon families and happy Friday.

Today we had a great day full of fun, experiences and learnings. We began our day playing outside with a variety of toys. Kicking balls around, playing on the rockers and soft foams, singing songs and reading books were the favourite activity of our little children. Exploring the animals from mystery boxes and pretending cooking in home corner created lots of fun for children when they were inside.

During our group activity we extended our learning about Spring season by making caterpillars. First we read the book “ Hungry caterpillar”. Children were so eager to know what’s happening for the caterpillar next. During the painting of caterpillars, children had lots of fun choosing their favourite colour to paint them. It was great experience for them to improve their language skills, fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination.

Wish you all a great weekend


Miss Shafagh and Miss Macca