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Good Afternoon Families and welcome to Friday in B3

We have all had a great day with our friends from B 1 joining us, we all went on many adventures together.

Our outdoor area is always a happy place for our little learners, as they move about together sharing their interests  discovering new and wonderful things.  Climbing the large foam blocks and playing with the large balls is always popular helping them to strengthen their gross motor skills, hand eye coordination as well as social and language development.  Lots of sensory fun was had with the kinetic sand using sand moulds to build a variety of shapes and pushing their hands through it watching how the sand moves between their fingers.

Soon it was time to move indoors to explore some more, we looked through books with our friends , enjoyed some crayon drawing with Miss Deb, busied about with the kitchen and baby dolls in home corner, roared like a dinosaur as they discovered the large dinosaurs on the shelves.

We have all had a wonderful day and an Amazing week full of fun learning experiences

Have a great afternoon everyone, and a fantastic weekend.

And a big Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful Mum’s, I hope you get very spoilt  ❤️?? 

See you all soon

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxxx