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Good afternoon families

Welcome back to a new week in Babies three!

We hope everyone had a great weekend doing the things you love!!

Our morning started with a big explore in B1 and B2’s outdoor area. We looked through books with our friends, slid down the slide, shared cars and enjoyed exploring the area with our little friends.

Soon it was time to transition back to our room, singing loudly as we walked back to our room with Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh The Ants Go Marching.

After a small play in our outdoor area, Miss V and Miss K arrived for our Art Therapy lesson. We all gathered around to listen to Miss K read us a story called Eye To Eye. This story was all about Imagination, colour, and the Visual system. Miss K also used a mirror, magnifying glass, Elephant and Tiger puppet to tell the story. We then moved inside two by two for an art experience extending on from the story. We used lots of sticky glue, thick brushes and shimmery card stock paper as well as tissue paper and a variety of bright coloured paper of different colours and textures. This experience was a wonderful sensory experience as well as hand eye coordination, pincer grip, colour recognition, hand eye coordination and language development.

Children’s other interests today included bikes, home corner, balls, and gross motor skill activities which involved lots balancing on the beam, climbing up and over the climbing frames and kicking balls around with their friends.

We have all had an amazing day!

See you all again soon. Have a wonderful afternoon everyone.

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ???❤️