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Good afternoon families and welcome to another week full of fun, learning experiences and adventure,

This morning we started our day playing with our friends in Babies 1&2. Oaklyn was so excited making tower with wooden blocks. When we came to our room our little children were so happy rocking the rocker and enjoying the song “Row Row Row the boat” we sang for them. They also had a great time improving their balance skill on the soft foams. Abigail had so much fun playing with dolls and her favorite was the big Minnie Mouse. Lane absolutely loved playing with the sensory baskets. Henry found his favorite balls and asked us to sing” Baby shark do do do”. Belle preferred to choose a ball and play with it on the soft block foams. Orlando had great time playing with wild and farm animals.

Soon after the morning tea we went outside where our little friends had lots of fun. In our group time we sang lots of the children’s favorite songs. First we sang our “Good morning ” songs followed by ” Five little monkeys jumping on the bed” and “Ba ba black sheep”. Matilda and Oaklyn  enjoyed their time playing on the rockers. Our group activity was drawing with crayon. Children loved to choose their color they like and drew with them. They had great time sharing crayons and drawing their hands as well. Van was such a great helper today. he packed up all the crayons after the drawing and also he put all the numerical blocks on the trolley as well.

We all had a wonderful day. Wishing you a ll a great afternoon

Miss Shafagh and Miss Andressa