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Good afternoon families

Good afternoon families and welcome to the new week.

Today we had lots of fun and learning experiences in our room. Children played a lot with the variety of toys. Van Oaklyn and Matilda had lots of fun playing in the home corner and with blocks. Henry and Abigail played with musical instruments and Lane and Orlando were so busy playing with the stacking toys.

This week we planned to learn about color “Green”. So based on children’s interest on frog we provided them the opportunity to pant a frog in green. They all loved this activity. It helped them to improve their language skill, their color recognition and fine motor skills.

Our children had lots of fun outside. They were so busy playing and having physical activities. Belle loved riding the horse. Oaklyn, Matilda and van played with bikes. We sang lots of songs and played related puppet roles.

Today Oaklyn brought a book “ Twinkle twinkle little star” . we read it in our group time. All children loved the book and asked for more songs.

Have a great afternoon

Miss Shafagh and Miss Valerie