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Good Afternoon Families

Welcome back for another fun learning week. We hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Today during our group time activity we looked through our book all about colours called the Rainbow Race. Some of our little learners are starting to recognise the colours of the rainbow, pointing at each colour they repeat the colour after me, or say it before I get a chance to. Well Done!!
Our art experience today was red feather collage. Lots of sticky  glue being spread onto red paper with thick brushes. Feathers, fingers and hands all covered in sticky glue was a bit challenging as the feathers didn’t want to leave their sticky hands. With loads of persistence and giggles we managed to decorate our red paper with the fluffy feathers.

We all enjoyed doing the actions to our favourite songs. Heads And Shoulders, Open Shut Them, Der Glumph Said The Little Green Frog, Wheels On The Bus and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Our little friends enjoyed a big adventure in our outdoor area this morning which also continued on this afternoon. Obstacle course, bikes, balls, books and sand being some of the activities they shared.

During our indoor play we chose from the array of learning activities on offer. Selecting Farm/jungle animals, home corner, musical instruments, puppets, puzzles and discovery bags. Social and language skills being developed as they shared these experiences with their friends. Fine motor, problem solving and role playing all being part of their learning fun.

Dont forget to bring in something red to share with us as we are learning the colour red over the next couple of weeks. A variety of fun activities based on the colour red will be shared over the week.

We have all had an amazing day, full of fun learning adventures together.

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone, we will see you all again soon.

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️