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Good afternoon families and welcome to our new week.

We started our day playing inside with the variety of toys. Lane was so happy playing with cars and pulling theme everywhere. Belle and Henry loved to dance with their favoritism nursery music. Orlando and Oaklyn showed us their creativity by playing with Duplo. Matilda pretended feeding the soft animals on the highchair. Abigail was crawling everywhere and playing with the loose parts. Van was building tower with the soft blocks.

It is Persian New Year in Iran where Miss Shafagh is from. To celebrate this cultural event our little friends made a collage of tree full of blossoms resembling the beginning of Spring in the Northern hemisphere. Our children where so excited to put the glue on the paper using some leaves and decorate their trees with pink blossoms.

We all had a great day. Wishing you all a wonderful afternoon

Miss Shafagh and Miss Ione