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MGood afternoon families and welcome to our new week.

Today’s art therapy was about intangible yet untreatable connection. All children listen to the story book called” Owl babies”. They all loved it. After that children created abstract and tactile images out of various coloured and sized yarn to represent connection, togetherness, belonging and security of attachment which were the goal of this week art therapy.

Besides that, our little friend were so busy playing inside and outside. It was so lovely watching them playing and communicating each other at the home corner where they were offering tea to each other. Playing with mystery bags were their other favourite today. Of course playing with cars and stacking rings provided lots of fun for them.

Friday was Samuel’s birthday. His mom brought in some yummy cup cakes and we all celebrate his birthday. All children sang “ Happy birthday to you” for Samuel and enjoyed the cake. Also Annie brought a book called” pig the elf” to share with her friends. They all liked the story.

Wishing you all a great week full of happiness

Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh